Fresh Meat Department

Fresh Meats for Roasting & Grilling
Harbor Springs IGA Meat Department

In our Fresh Meat Department, you will find a wide selection of Beef, Pork and Chicken including Gerber Amish Chicken. We make Sausage, Jerky, Ready-to-Bake Meat Loafs and our famous Bacon by hand.

We carry Simply Beef, a product of Omaha, Nebraska which is lower in cholesterol and higher in Omega 3.

Grilling and Summertime

  • Kielbasa
  • Hand Made Brats
  • Seasoned BBQ Ribs
  • Half of Chicken fryer seasoned
  • Hand pressed Hamburger patties
  • Dearborn Sausage products

Browse our large selection of select and choice beef including NY Strips, Ribeye’s, Beef Tenderloin.

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